A Fellowship Program Helps ChED\'s Lecturer Conduct a Research of Anaerobic Digester Process


Some lecturers of Chemical Engineering Department (ChED) GMU are studying/reseach abroad to pursue advanced degree or postdoctoral research of their choices. One of them, Mrs. Wiratni, is currently studying anaerobic digestion system in Cornell University, USA.

            Mrs. Wi, in such that way she is called, conducts her research in Cornell University by applying Schlumberger's fellowship which provides financial supports for her research. Schlumberger's fellowships are given to female scientists from developing or emerging countries who are willing to dedicate their expertise in higher education institutions. The applicants must conduct their study/research in top institutions in the world. She retains a principle that by having a clear vision, sound ideas and strong theoretical background, it is easy to get support for anything that anybody wants to pursue. Thus, it is no wonder that She was one of the fellowship recipients for 2009 grant.

            She is studying anaerobic digestion system to improve the design of household digester to convert cow manure to biogas. The digester was initially designed by Mr. Chandra Purnomo and Dr. Ambar Pertiwiningrum (Faculty of Animal Science). Since 2007, She has been working with both of them, concentrating on process optimization. With the facilities provided in Agricultural Waste Management Laboratory in Cornell University, under the supervision of Prof. Lars Angenent, She conducts deeper study on the anaerobic process in these household digesters and She currently run four digesters simultaneously in the laboratory to observe the effect of digester operational parameters on the biogas production.


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